The Vault

The Vault

Welcome to Premium Golf Vault. To log in, click here and use your email and the password we sent you. Contact us if you have any problems. If this is your first visit, please read on for more of an explanation. If you've already been for a lesson or fit, you'll find your videos in the how's it going section.

Can you remember the best meal you ever had? 

In two different ways, really enjoyable, fulfilling golf is like the best meal you’ve ever had.  Firstly, it’s hard to reproduce if you don’t know the recipe.  Secondly, the experience of a wonderful meal comes from so much more than just the quality of the meat. It’s about what it’s served with, the setting, the ambience, how you were feeling, who you were with…

Like the meat, your golf score won't always be up to scratch. If your experience depends wholly upon it you're robbing yourself of opportunities for enjoyment and will often be disappointed. Bringing other ingredients into the mix can offer a richer, more enjoyable experience, and can in itself contribute to better golf.

What’s inside?

Within the Vault is a suite of tools that help you and your coach identify your unique recipe for really enjoyable golf (look for EQ), which will be kept safe inside for when you need it. 

You can use The Vault to record your reasons for playing the game as well as your thoughts, feelings and performance as you progress. From this bigger picture we can identify ways to help you get more pleasure from your golf, more often.